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City people giving priority to Clean water..!

For residents of city, provision of basic amenities like clean drinking water is more important than a clean and green city. Finding of some of the believed new papers surveys shows that 43% respondents want the civic body to supply clean drinking water. However 325 giving priory to road, 16% clean city and just 9% prefer BMC to ensure the city has adequate open spaces.

The level of contamination was high up to 40% in some of the posh areas, lead to gastrointestinal problems making normal life miserable.

Some times 60% of water fails on some of the critical parameters like E coli & Coliform, making it unfit to drink, Water which is treated at the reservoir level.

  • Potable Drinking Water as per IS: 10500-1991
  • Packaged Natural mineral Water as per IS: 13428-2005
  • Water for Processed Industry as per IS: 4251-1967
  • Packaged drinking water other than packaged natural mineral water as per IS: 14543-2004
  • Swimming Pool water as per IS: 3328-1993
  • Industrial effluent water

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