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Validating the shelf life of your product:

Shelf life of a product is the period of time over which a food maintains its safety as well as quality as per the prescribed conditions of storage, distribution and use.

So validating product shelf life is obtaining and documenting any evidence that proves that the shelf life of a food is near to accurate and that the food will maintain its safety and/or quality parameters until the end of shelf life.

Legal requirements & responsibilities for shelf life

General Food Law
General food safety requirement are that food must not be placed on the market if it is unsafe or unfit for consumption.

Generally, the manufacturer of food is responsible for setting and validating the shelf life. However, this responsibility may also fall to secondary manufacturers like co packers, re-packers, food caterers, food retail outlets etc. depending on specific circumstances

Good Practice in Estimating, Validating & Setting Shelf life
Describing the food product in as much as possible
Establishing the characterization of food taking in consideration the storage of food, distribution, use and possibilities of contamination
Reviewing available scientific literature regarding the survival and growth characteristics of microbes of concern
Use predictive Microbiology to estimate shelf-life
Carry out laboratory testing i.e. durability and/or challenge test
Apply safety margin to shelf-life
Documentation of results from the values and count

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